East Greenland Trip Report: Sep 1-10, 2018 aboard the Ocean Nova

If I had one word to describe my recent voyage to East Greenland, it would be EPIC!

After a week exploring the fjords of East Greenland, here are my reasons (and photos to back them up!) why this destination is epic and a must for any Polar traveler.

Incredible Scenery & Photo Ops: East Greenland is remote, rugged and absolutely stunning.

East Greenland Scenery 1

East Greenland Scenery 2

East Greenland Scenery 3

East Greenland Scenery 4

East Greenland Scenery 5

East Greenland Scenery 6

Brilliant colors: from spectacular sunrises & sunsets, northern lights (late season only), wildflowers & icebergs.

East Greenland Colors 1

East Greenland Colors 2

East Greenland Colors 3

East Greenland Colors 4

East Greenland Colors 5

Fascinating Tundra Walks: feel like a true Arctic explorer discovering the world’s largest national park.

East Greenland Tundra Walks 1

East Greenland Tundra Walks 2

East Greenland Tundra Walks 3

East Greenland Tundra Walks 4

Rocks! Because geology actually is cool, especially in East Greenland which is home to some of the oldest rocks on the planet.

East Greenland Rocks 1

East Greenland Rocks 2

East Greenland Rocks 3

East Greenland Rocks 4

Silence. I know it sounds weird (and hard to show in photos), but in our bustling world more than a few passengers onboard agreed that one of the highlights was to experience the silence & re-connecting with nature.

East Greenland Silence 1

East Greenland Silence 2

East Greenland Silence 3

Wildlife: Typically not a wildlife destination but if you’re lucky…

East Greenland Wildlife 1

East Greenland Wildlife 2

East Greenland Wildlife 3

East Greenland Wildlife 4

You can view our East Greenland voyages from the following link: https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/greenland-east

Call and speak with one of our Polar experts for more information.

- Brandon

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