How To Get the Most Out of Your Antarctica or Arctic Vacation

The best way to get the most out of your Antarctica or Arctic cruise is to keep an open mind, not have preconceived ideas of landings and wildlife sightings, and to relax and enjoy the journey.

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We talk to a lot of people while we are helping them plan their trips to Antarctica and the Arctic and have found the ones who have the best time are the ones who go with a totally open mind. We get people who ask about visiting specific places, guarantees of seeing Polar bear, etc.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. The staff onboard the ships have a lot of experience and know the places to visit; even some that are not written about in books. The itineraries are planned to take advantage of what each place has to offer keeping safety as the number one priority.

 Tabular Berg

Maybe you won’t swim at Deception Island, but will be given the opportunity to instead swim in the cold waters of Antarctica (even better bragging rights). You might not go through the Lemaire Channel, but instead will go through the Antarctic Strait into the Weddell Sea where you will see massive tabular.


You may have it in your head your trip will not be complete if you don’t see a Polar bear up close and personal. That can’t be guaranteed, it’s up to the bears - Instead you may see 10+ bears in their own environment hunting for seals on the pack ice and you get really lucky and see walrus up close.

Why be disappointed and miss out on the experiences that present themselves. Remember, this is adventure travel and things are not always predictable.

 Breaching Humpback

So, when planning your next Arctic or Antarctic adventure be open minded and let things unfold. Who knows, it may be the trip of your life. We would love to make it happen for you!

Blog post by Lynn Cross

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